Health Loyalty

Health Loyalty is a comprehensive and fully integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for the management of life science loyalty programs

Health Loyalty is the life science industry’s only fully SDLC Validated, HIPAA/HITECH and GLBA compliant marketing cloud. Designed specifically to manage life science brand loyalty/patient engagement programs, it provides you with all the tools required to create your own comprehensive in-house privacy-compliant loyalty program and track its success.

With integrated recruitment and database management tools as well as full segmentation and analytics capabilities, Health Loyalty allows you to stay in contact with your patients, and guide them through their treatment journey. You can personalize each customer experience, schedule emailing (with an integrated email interface); direct mail; sampling and telemarketing programs, to maximize both their impact and your ROI.

Health Loyalty is also the only marketing cloud designed to fully manage compassionate care, co-pay, and reimbursement programs, providing full financial control and transactional security.

Health Loyalty can be fully personalized to meet your needs, is fully scalable, and can be implemented for virtually any loyalty/patient engagement program.

Recruit consumers/patients and healthcare professionals into your loyalty program

Segment your consumers/patients and healthcare professionals using sophisticated predictive analytics

Fully manage coupon, rebate, reimbursement, compassionate care and co-pay programs, with full financial accounting and control

Design complex touch point scenarios based on customer opportunity scores, that continuously react to ongoing customer behavior, and actually build brand loyalty

Oversee the big picture, right down to the minute details of every member within your loyalty program, and adjust and react to marketplace changes and ongoing results easily

With Health Loyalty you now have the ability to manage all aspects of your life science loyalty programs in real-time, instantly see the impact of your touch point decisions on project parameters, and immediately react to ensure the achievement of KPIs and ROI.

Accessible across all operating platforms by PC, tablet, or smartphone device, Health Loyalty supports the creation, development, and management of all loyalty/patient retention programs, whether patient or consumer based, and whether enrollment is driven by the consumer/patient themselves, or through physicians, pharmacists, or the corporate sales force.

Health Loyalty Software Modules

Registration Form add-ons (Website/Mobile) for promotional or product sites

Registration Download, De-Dup, Address Validation

Tag Management

Data Mining, Predictive Analytics & Segmentation (Static or Dynamic)

Touch Point Assignment, & Scheduling

  • E-Mail & Text (SMS) Marketing
  • Social Media Initiatives with seamless Facebook® and Twitter® APIs
  • Direct Mail Marketing & Sampling
  • E-Coupon Download
  • Discount/Rebate/Payment/Co-payment Distribution
  • Online Chat
  • Inbound Help Desk (including AE/QC process)
  • Outbound Telemarketing
  • Contests & Promotions
  • Customer Feedback, Ratings, & Reviews

Touch Point Response Tracking with Health Loyalty Points™ Assignment
(for use with Dynamic Segmentation)

Financial Modules with Budgeting & Liability Tracking

  • Loyalty Program Budgeting Models
  • Discount/Rebate Cheque Distribution
  • Patient Reimbursement/Co-Pay Promotion
  • Compassionate Care Programs
  • Fee-for-Service Applications

Touch Point Inventory Management, Continuity & Replenishment

Tax & Environmental Fee Tracking & Reporting

Real-Time OASIS® Oversight, Analytics, and Geo-Analytics

Scale your services as your brand grows

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