About PharmaCommunications

Our Competitive Advantage

What makes us unique in this marketplace is our specialization in the life science sector; the specific industry knowledge of our team of marketing, technology, logistics, financial, and quality assurance professionals; as well as the significant expertise that we have developed over almost 35 years of working exclusively within this industry.

Our key areas of differentiation include:

Staff Qualifications

Our team is comprised of industry specialists with significant expertise in the life sciences.

Privacy Compliance Expertise

With almost 35 years of industry experience handling physician and patient level data, our systems and procedures were designed to comply with all national and international privacy codes.

Information Technology Security

We maintain one of the most sophisticated and reliable IT Security networks in the industry with, full redundancies, off-site backups, and full business continuity.

Financial Transaction Security

As a major processor of rebate, reimbursement, co-pay and compassionate care programs , we offer the highest possible level of oversight, fiscal control, and financial security.

Regulatory Compliance & Quality Systems

All of our processes are documented by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and our operational and systems procedures fully comply with ISO 9001 standards. We hold all of the certifications and licenses required to meet the needs of any life science project.

Environmental Responsibility

Since 2008, our head office production lines have been powered by Bullfrog Power, a leading provider of 100% green, carbon-free electricity.