Back Office Services

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Back Office Services

Already pre-configured for use with our SaaS products, these options are ready to go right out of the box, meaning no integration costs and no delays.

Financial Services

  • Compassionate Care Program Management & Payment Services
  • Co-Pay Program Management & Payment Services
  • Fee-for-Service Invoice Processing & Payment Services
  • Consumer Rebate Reconciliation & Payment Services

PharmaCommunications provides a full range of financial and payment services to marketers looking to incorporate compassionate care, co-pay or reimbursement/rebate programs into their loyalty and patient retention initiatives.

Our financial services team provides full prescription verification, invoice reconciliation, and payment services for both Rx and OTC initiatives, with payment options ranging from traditional cheque and EFT alternatives to the latest in e-transfer and smart phone payments.

Contact Center Services

  • Inbound & Outbound Call Handling
  • Registered Nurse Patient Support Lines
  • Technical Support Lines
  • Click-to-Chat Services

Our multilingual Medication Information Centerâ„¢ call center provides life science marketers with a comprehensive array of services to meet a wide range of loyalty and patient adherence needs. Tier-1 and escalated customer service, technical support, registered nurse hotlines, and click-to-chat, all combine to make the customer experience for your patients and consumers as seamless and as enjoyable as possible.

Distribution & Fulfillment Services

  • GMP and Licensed Warehousing Options
  • Sample and Promotional Material Distribution
  • Promotional Mail Fulfillment
  • pharmaGram® high priority HCP communications

Our GMP and licensed warehousing solutions provide an ideal fit for the storage and distribution of your samples and promotional materials. We offer high security; temperature controlled; and refrigerated options, as well as a wide array fulfillment choices to get your materials to your sales representatives; HCPs; or consumers.

Compliance Services

  • Promotional Material Approval & Compliance Management
  • Automated Literature Approval Renewals (i.e.: OPDP, PAAB)
  • Sample Compliance Management
  • pharmaGram Recall Services

PharmaCommunications offers several compliance options for life science marketers, including managing the administrative requirements surrounding both sample and promotional material compliance, as well as scheduling field audits with representatives. It can even coordinate the internal renewal of literature approvals, as well as manage the renewals of external regulatory approvals (i.e.: OPDP, PAAB, etc.) when required.

Our pharmaGram Recall Service is also widely recognized as an efficient and cost effective method of advising HCPs and vendors of recalls, as well as providing the full reverse logistics and financial services surrounding both Rx and OTC recalls.