Health Loyalty

Software DESIGNED to run Patient Support Programs better

One Platform To Run It All

Control the design and configuration of your initiative through one centralized platform

Capture patient enrolments through a connected patient portal, or using a wide array of methodologies including web registrations, purchased lists, HCP recruitment, etc.

Qualify and segment patients using sophisticated online utilities and predictive analytics

Design, schedule and deploy comprehensive patient journeys by choosing from a wide range of built-in functionalities

Track responses to touch points; assign loyalty points; and create redemption scenarios that respond to evolving patient behavior

Integrate & Scale Sophisticated Marketing Initiatives
Easily Utilize Any Care or Reimbursement Components
Run Effective Multi-Channel Marketing Initiatives

Visualizing the Health Loyalty Platform

Own The Generated Data

Respond to evolving patient behaviour and run AI journey automations
Access a full suite of real-time OASIS analytics, results, and full project ROI including both generated and patient controlled data
Adjust and optimize program elements as required

A Supplier Neutral System

  • Provide custom user based access to your internal teams and/or any chosen suppliers managing your program, restricting PHI when needed.
  • All program data is input and exported from a single source, ensuring program analytics are 100% complete for informed decision making
  • Maintain full control and ownership of all program data
  • Manage supplier changes with zero downtime or switching costs

Configuration, Training & Support

We also offer configuration services to setup the software to the exact specifications you have designed, extensive training and customer support.

Software Configuration Options

  • Configure the platform to your exact specifications
  • Configured by your internal team
  • Configured by PharmaCommunications, assisted by your designated client coordinator who will manage the requirements gathering process and support you to launch and beyond

Customized Training of Your PSP

  • In-depth live training sessions specific to your PSP configuration
  • Training manuals, FAQS, & videos, specific to your PSP configuration & for each user type

Customer Support

  • Ensuring our clients are well supported is our top priority
  • Our clients and program members can contact our bilingual Customer Support Team, Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM-6:00 PM by phone or email

Back Office Services

HEALTH LOYALTY affiliates also offer a wide variety of back office services to help you make the most of your patient support programs. These include comprehensive payment and reimbursement options; a full range of contact center services; as well as a wide assortment of fulfillment services directed at patients and health care professionals.

Financial Services

  • Compassionate Care Program Management & Payment Services
  • Co-Pay Program Management & Payment Services
  • Fee-for-Service Invoice Processing & Payment Services
  • Consumer Rebate Reconciliation & Payment Services

Contact Center Services

  • Inbound & Outbound Call Handling
  • Registered Nurse Patient Support Lines
  • Medical Dialogue™ Physician-to-Physician Detailing, Webinars & Teleconferencing
  • Technical Support Lines
  • Click-to-Chat Services

Fulfillment Services

  • Consumer Sampling Services
  • Promotional Mail Distribution
  • pharmaGram® High Priority HCP Communications

Already pre-configured for use with the HEALTH LOYALTY platform, these options are ready to go right out of the box, meaning no integration costs and no delays.