OASIS Analytics

Turn data into strategic business intelligence for more informed marketing decisions

OASIS represents the most comprehensive marketing dashboard available for life science marketers.

Our analytics team are experts in design and integration of IT solutions, helping you extract the most relevant and key information from your data.

Providing real-time oversight and analytics for all projects on a national, regional, and territory basis

Specifically designed for life science applications, OASIS provides regulatory oversight reports, Sarbanes-Oxley compliant corporate governance tools, and marketing analytics

Available on desktop and mobile, OASIS provides interactive charts and tables that are easily exportable into both Windows and MAC OS applications

As a sales and marketing tool,
OASIS has been specifically designed to save you time.

Automated Regulatory Reporting Tasks

  • Real-time inventory and tracking of samples by lot number and drug expiry date from client warehouse to end user location
  • Real-time inventory of promotional materials by ID number & PAAB expiry date
  • Automatic e-mail alerts for critical low inventory of samples and promotional materials
  • Automatic e-mail alerts for impending expiry date of samples
  • Automatic e-mail alerts for impending expiry date of PAAB approvals of promotional materials

Simplified Corporate Governance Tools

  • Live status of project results, including fulfillment requests, recruitment statistics, telemarketing responses, profiling data and marketing research verbatims
  • Automatic Rebate Cheque/E-Coupon tracking, clearing, and reconciliation
  • Automatic filtering of reports for customized or user-restricted access
  • Scheduled e-mail distribution of selected reports to key users

Insightful Marketing Analytics Dashboards

  • Territory Performance Analyzer that looks at your marketing activity vs. market share vs. sales volume correlations
  • Total marketing activity tracking (patients vs. physicians vs. pharmacy vs. hospital)
  • Overlay of Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Management (GTM) marketing dashboards (cost per impression, click, and action comparisons)
  • Sales pipeline and conversion reporting

Explore some of the powerful features of OASIS

At PharmaCommunications, we have the technology and expertise to help you make the right decisions using your valuable data. Our comprehensive data mining and predictive analytics services can help you gain insights into your customers and predict their behavior.

With OASIS GEO™, clients can now view geographic data in a more descriptive and illustrative format. We developed OASIS GEO to offer a richer and more valuable experience while you analyze the data that is integral to achieving your goals.

Visualize your data with Google Maps

Utilizing the most powerful mapping application available today, OASIS GEO elevates your geographic data in a way you’ve never seen before.

Only the data that is important to you

OASIS GEO is completely customizable in the information it displays, enabling you to visualize your data using desired filters, regions, segments, and KPIs.

Pinpoint data at the street level

Use the zoom feature to get an aggregate view of your statistics on a country basis, or zoom into street view for more detailed analysis and to monitor geographic data trends by neighborhood.

An extra layer of information

Enhance your analysis with regional data grouped by city, town, municipality, or territory. You can also customize your own regions built on up-to-date postal data- use it for sales force statistics, data on target catchment areas, corporate geography, and more.

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